PTC software aids new compressor development

The first reinvention of air compressor technology in more than 85 years is rolling off the production line of a new£17m smart factory in Doncaster. Lontra, an engineering technology company led by innovator Steve Lindsey, is committed to answering increasing demand by quadrupling the production of its LP2 blade blower year-on-year until 2025.

Backed by the design and PLM capability of PTC’s Creo and Windchill platforms, Lontra integrated its proprietary and patented blade compressor positive displacement technology within the custom-engineered LP2 blade blowers. According to the company, the upshot is world-class performance, reduced noise and, importantly, electricity savings of up to 34% compared with traditional products.

Inneo Solutions introduced Lontra to PTC’s cloud-based 3D CAD software Creo and this platform proved critical in achieving the complex geometry that makes the LP2 different to its predecessors.This includes add-ons covering FEA and behaviour modelling, which were used by up to 10 designers to achieve the necessary stillness and distortion requirements that deliver the environmentally sustainable performance.

Another key element of the portfolio is Windchill, PTC’s PLM suite, which makes a big difference in Lontra’s efficiency and sustainability by saving not only time but also waste.
Windchill ensures that the record of materials and components used in its products remain up to date, helping it capture learning from the design and development process, as well as reducing errors, scrap and waste on the factory floor.

Elliot Clarke, UK and Irelanddirector at PTC, says: “Both of Lontra’s sites have access to Windchill, as does the firm’s teams who work remotely.The power of the software ensures that everybody is working off the most up-to-date data.”
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