Providing precision when ‘heat’ is on

When Alloy Heat Treatment (AHT) was established in 1974 it became the first UK company dedicated to the heat treatment of aluminium alloys. To satisfy increasing demand for its services, the Dudley-based subcontractor has continuously expanded its facilities and invested in the best-available technologies.

As unwanted distortions can occur in intricate aluminium products due to rapid heat transfer from the quenching process, AHT operates a setting department that removes distortion in the treated condition while products remain ductile. To help further increase AHT’s setting department capabilities and accelerate throughput, a Quantum E ScanArm was recently purchased from
Faro UK.
AHT director Ian Perks says. “The quality of the heat-treated components we deliver to our customers are of paramount importance to us. Owing to the speed and precision that a ScanArm-type device could provide, for many years we’ve felt that such an advanced inspection aid had a part to play in our organisation. Therefore, as our workload grew, we recently committed to placing an order. As we were aware of Faro’s reputation for being the market leader in this technology, we didn’t consider purchasing any other brand of laser scanner.
“After considering several Faro models, we chose the Quantum E ScanArm due to its speed, ease of use and accuracy specification,” continues Perks. “So successful has it been that we now anticipate a much quicker ROI than originally anticipated. In addition to being the perfect choice for measurement and scanning tasks, since using our new ScanArm we’ve found numerous other uses for it across our site.”
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