Prosaw builds on exhibition success

Prosaw has been supplying metal-cutting machines to UK industry since 1963. In that time, exhibitions have proved to be a key way
for the company to instigate continuous growth, a fact underpinned by the company’s attendance at MACH earlier this year.

Prosaw has exhibited at MACH exhibitions for over 30 years, and once again the show proved to be one of the most successful in the company’s history, with a significant increase in visitor numbers resulting in a proportional increase in lead generation and ultimately, machine sales.
Some 20 machines were showcased by Prosaw at MACH 2018, ranging from entry-level manual bandsaws through to bundle-cutting bandsaws and automatic circular saws. In excess of 560 leads were generated during the five days of the exhibition, which soon resulted in more than 20 machine sales, with a value of over £500,000.
One of the stars of the show was the MEGA CS circular saw, which was cutting over five different types of material for customers during the five days of the event, ranging from aerospace-grade stainless steel, through to hydraulic cylinder rod material.
Prosaw’s design and manufacturing division is also capable of providing special purpose sawing machines for bespoke applications, as well as individually designed solutions to the problem of quickly and efficiently moving cut components on to the next stage following cutting. From basic input and output conveyors to fully automated handling systems, Prosaw is happy to give free help and advice to companies on
how to improve their production flow.
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