Project drives energy savings at Airbus UK

Airbus UK saved enough energy to power 60 homes for a year as part of a pioneering ‘future factories’ project by AMRC Cymru to help businesses boost productivity while meeting net zero targets.Over a five-month period, AMRC Cymru and Airbus, who share a building in Broughton, saw electricity savings equivalent to powering 41 three-bedroom homes for a year, and gas savings equivalent to powering 21 three-bedroom homes for a year. The Airbus team saw a reduction in electricity usage of almost 20%.

Luis Rivera, wing accelerator industrial leader at Airbus, says the collaboration between Airbus and the AMRC has been positive on many levels: “The AMRC used their research and innovation core knowledge to explore and discover new possibilities beyond our day-to-day activities, expanding our area of interest to new topics that will help the introduction of any future production line.”
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