Programming tool unveiled

Industrial robot specialist, TM Robotics, is introducing the new TSAssist software, a programming tool from Toshiba Machine. The software offers assistance to all phases of automation, including planning, design and improvement, and arrives at a time when more businesses are turning to high-performance 3D simulation for manufacturing.

TSAssist is a step up from the company’s standard TSPC programming software, bringing more features and capabilities in the midst of Industry 4.0. As more businesses are investing in automation, there are increasing options for third-party control and monitoring software. However, working across multiple software platforms can bring issues in calibration.
“Everything is in one place with TSAssist,” explains Nigel Smith, founder and CEO of TM Robotics. “Interference checking, cycle-time measurement and 3D CAD manipulation are integrated together in calibration, bringing a high level of accuracy. In 3D editor mode, you can input positioning data just by dragging the mouse, with no need for complex position calculations. This saves businesses huge amounts of time that can be better spent on training and product improvement.”
TSAssist is a hub of 3D simulation; from simple outline simulation to intricate multi-angle simulation, the options are endless, says the company. The user can save the 3D simulation to a video file, before archiving it into a folder. Similarly, TSAssist offers easy calibration between the robot and a vision system to enable automated bulk picking. The software is compatible with any of TM Robotic’s SCARA, Cartesian and six-axis robots.
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