Profile mill range expanded

The DoTwistBall profile-milling line has been expanded by Tungaloy to include further insert radii.

In addition to the 04 (R4.0) style insert, the company has added the 05 (R5.0) and 06 (R6.0) style inserts to the standard range. Tungaloy’s expanded DoTwistBall line incorporates a novel design that allows two different types of inserts to fit the same shank, each dedicated to profiling and high-feed applications.
DoTwistBall inserts are constructed in a helically twisted structure that fits the seat pocket, which is constructed in a matching helical profile. This twist-clamp system helps maximise insert retention, making DoTwistBall suitable for stable machining in demanding 3D profiling and high-feed machining tasks.
MJ radius insert geometry is cited as popular among manufacturers profiling mould and die parts. This insert features a large cross-section that has been designed to absorb cutting forces, providing higher reliability and performance over conventional round inserts, says the company. The cutting edge integrates a large inclination angle to promote smooth chip evacuation.
Tungaloy says high-feed HJ geometry inserts promote efficient machining through 30% greater cutting depth and feed rates over conventional high-feed inserts. The maximum depth of cut for the existing 04 insert is 1.3 mm, while the newly released 06 insert is suitable for cutting at a depth of 2 mm per pass in operations that include shouldering, facing, slotting, pocketing and helical interpolation.
Two standard grades are available: the AH3135 for steel and stainless steel; and the AH120 for cast iron. The cutter body line-up is available in shank, modular and bore types for all three insert sizes, with various choices of tool reach.
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