Process monitoring of press hardening

Higher and more consistent quality of the formed vehicle part, the potential for shorter cycle times and better control over the entire manufacturing process. This is what customers can expect from AP&T’s new in-line process monitoring system for press hardening.

Pyrometers and infrared cameras are used to measure the material’s temperature both before and after pressing. The pyrometer registers the absolute temperature at a certain point, while the infrared cameras are used to read the heat distribution on the part’s surface. All of this takes place without any of the equipment coming into physical contact with the material. It is crucial that the blank is heated up, formed and cooled down at exactly the right temperatures to ensure that the finished vehicle part obtains the desired material properties. The higher the degree of precision, the better and more consistent the result.
In-line process monitoring has been developed by AP&T to meet the demands of both the press hardening process itself, and customers, and it satisfies car manufacturer standards such as CQI-9.
Press hardening technology enables sheet metal parts to be manufactured with low weight and high strength, which results in lighter, safer and more energy-efficient cars. AP&T is a supplier of complete production solutions for press hardening, and has installed close to 100 press hardening lines globally since the beginning of the 2000s.
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