Precision slitting with minimal burrs

Coil processing line requirements are ever more demanding on account of the increasing use of modern materials. High-strength aluminium – highly resilient and flexible – is opening up entirely new possibilities in industries like automotive and aerospace, but it is extremely hard to process.

Especially in sheet processing and assembly, precision and cut quality matter if manufacturers want to avoid failed batches. However, much of the machinery introduced over the years lacks the capability to cut modern materials with enough precision due to customer requirements for thickness and width in the geometrics of the slit strip. This factor is why Bremen, Germany-based Manfred JC Niemann Zentrale KG has added a new Burghardt + Schmidt wide-material slitting line to its machine fleet. The new line is designed to process particularly wide aluminium coils of 800 to 2100 mm. And thanks to high-precision shears and a circumferential setting mechanism on the coiler, the line can also set an outer diameter of 1850 mm efficiently and accurately.
“Depending on the thickness of the material, the yield strength is 20 to 580 N/mm², while tensile strength is 65 to 600 N/mm², so it’s especially demanding having to cut them to custom sizes,” says managing director Jörn Niemann. “Hence, the company went looking for a machine designed for wide coils, opting for a wide-material slitting line from Burghardt + Schmidt.”
At the heart of the new line is the Twin CNC slitting shear, with a pre-tensioned precision roller bearing and zero backlash linear guide designed for accurate and, above all, stable positioning. The installed blades are 400 mm in diameter and are assembled together with rubber-bonded spacers. Slitting shears feature a push-off plate to guarantee rapid retooling with the four-arm tool change system outside the line.
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