Pre-owned press gets the job done

A second-hand 1000-tonne forging press from Schuler has been installed at Schondelmaier GmbH. The press, which had been providing dependable service at a major automotive manufacturer since 1985 still had “plenty of life left in it”.

Over the course of just a few weeks, the machine was dismantled, transported to Schondelmaier’s headquarters in Germany’s Black Forest region, re-assembled and commissioned into service.
“We believe that this press will run for another 20 years,” states managing director Joachim Schondelmaier. “Used presses from Schuler are basically always a safe bet. We purchased a pre-owned 500-tonne hydraulic machine through Schuler subsidiary Vögtle earlier this year, while our press shop also houses a number of other cold-forging machines from Schuler.”
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