Polydec relies on Tornos technology

More than 50% of the world’s vehicles contain parts that were manufactured in Switzerland by Polydec SA. To help maintain this impressive statistic, the company relies on over 30 Deco, EvoDeco and SwissNano turning machines from Tornos.

Polydec manufactures more than 40 million parts per month for the watchmaking, medical and automotive sectors. With regard to the latter, over 20 million shafts intended for dashboards and fuel-injection systems are produced in the company’s workshops each month.
In 1999, Polydec decided to invest in its first Tornos Deco 10. This solution turned out to be a good strategic choice, so further machines soon followed. That first Deco machine is still active today and being used in a workshop now equipped with a total of 15 Deco, one EvoDeco and 12 SwissNano machines. For the oldest machines, a revision programme is currently in progress.
“We have grown up with Tornos and are fully satisfied with our choice,” says the company’s CEO Claude Konrad. Just recently, Tornos delivered its 200th SwissNano to Polydec, which provided an opportunity to celebrate almost 20 years of collaboration and success.
Polydec is pushing the envelope and recently turned steel parts with diameters down to 0.07 mm and a length of 0.3 mm. On a regular basis, the company is producing components to tolerances of ±2 µm and, in extreme cases, down to ±1 µm.
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