Plate saw helps maximise performance

Among recent models released by Behringer is the upgraded heavy-duty plate saw LPS-T with vertical bandsaw blade. Behringer recently put its proven specialist machine for toolmaking, test cutting, small parts and blocks on the test stand and implemented a number of user-friendly modifications.

The newly developed LPS-T vertical bandsawing machine comes with a linear guided material table featuring a support surface which provides a cutting capacity of 1.27 m in length, 620 mm in width and 620 mm in height. Flexible positioning and clamping of the material is achieved using T- slots in the table that enable optimum positioning of fixtures or clamps.

Among the new feature is an optional NC measuring device, which simplifies set-up processes. After entering the required cutting depth, the measuring device enables automatic positioning. The material can be rapidly placed and aligned, ensuring greater flexibility and higher precision during the day-to-day operation.

Both the saw and the NC measuring device are controlled by an ergonomically designed and easy-to-operate BT65 touch control panel. The self-explanatory symbol-based menu system makes for faster familiarisation of new operators and simplifies machine handling.

Behringer’s LPS-T can run either bi-metal or carbide saw blades, is driven with a 4 kW drive motor and runs over large wear-proof band wheels. All blade guidance parts are made of vibration-proof grey cast iron. Bandsaw changeover has also been made even easier, and can be completed in around 2 minutes by a single operator without the aid of tools.
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