Performance boost with face-milling cutter

Family-owned BOGE Kompressoren, with its headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany, is a world-renowned technology specialist in solutions for generating compressed air. Apart from the performance, quality and cost-effectiveness of the products, one of the company’s most important declared goals is the increase in efficiency and safety during manufacturing. When producing screw compressors, Mapal says that its high-performance cutting tools achieve convincing results.

“At BOGE, we are the centre of competence in supplying readily assembled and inspected compressor stages for screw compressors,” explains Mario Birkner, production manager for organisation and projects at the BOGE plant in Großenhain.
At Großenhain, around 40 employees produce very accurately machined cast-iron rotors and housings for screw compressors in highly automated machining centres. Often, it is necessary to meet strict IT6 or IT7 precision requirements, which is where fine-boring tools from Mapal come into play. Not only is maximum precision important here – machining times must also be as short as possible. Well-designed, multi-stage tools often result in low material removal rates that are sufficient to carry out several machining steps. Moreover, the custom tools achieve considerably closer tolerances and better surface qualities while maintaining the same high process reliability. The adoption of new NeoMill face milling cutters from Mapal has paid particular dividends.

“With these new tools, we were able to achieve really impressive success,” says Birkner.

The material removal rate, up from 2 to 4 mm, already made it possible to reduce the machining time by half. Furthermore, the company could double the feed due to the softer cut and thus lower the power consumption of the machine, so that machining time decreased by more than 60%. The tool life per cutting edge of the indexable inserts resulted in further time and cost advantages: 60 minutes instead of the previous 45.

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