Optimising productivity in palletising applications

Automated product handling takes many forms and, with continued growth in manufacturing, a plethora of products are now seeing automatic transfer from the end of the line to pallets. The grippers used to handle these products are also becoming more sophisticated as the demands for flexibility and productivity increase. Vacuum layer gripping systems from Schmalz are fast becoming an integral part of the many palletising robots and gantry systems used across various industry segments.

Based upon a modular system, each gripper is configurable as required with choices for either rigid or flexible spring-mounded robot flange connections, designed to fit most common robots and gantry systems. Various gripper modules are available, with intermediate layer handling if required, layer detection and options for mechanical gripping support in applications where the top surface of the layer is unable to support the complete layer weight.

Layer gripping systems with foam are capable of handling virtually all items, and for applications where the layer may be uneven, the system is also available with vacuum cups. For extremely difficult workpieces the layer gripping system can be fitted with an outer skirt. In each case, Schmalz can supply these gripper systems with optional zoning to add further flexibility, allowing part layers to be handled or parts to be placed in groups or in different patterns.

The ability to configure the gripping solution to the application makes it possible to cater for layers with gaps, mixed layers, intermediate layers, pallets, cardboard and film packaging. In addition, loading and unloading of partially filled pallets is also possible by combining vacuum technology with mechanical gripping support.
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