ONA’s QX Neo improves control

The latest range of ONA’s die-sink EDM has a graphical interface with more intuitive and visually friendly menus.

In short, the QX Neo enables a 3D view of the entire machining process. As well as showing the part and letting the user manipulate it easily thanks to its tactile technology, the equipment includes a control that ONA says has never been seen before in die-sink EDM. This control makes it possible to view the part to be eroded on the screen, as well as the electrodes and their travels. As a result, it is possible to view the complete EDM process, select electrodes and even modify machining sequences quickly and easily with a simple touch before running the program.
The new range improves the control of the equipment and its usability through the optimisation of the HMI, drastically reducing the possibility of programming errors. Features include: a high-quality 24-inch screen; intuitive programming supported by graphics help; improved environment for programming and simulation; and graphic interaction throughout the process – digital programming from the solid to the part. Further functions include the verification of electrode position, travels, machining order and job list.

QX Neo also makes it possible to import the files directly from CADCAM, as well as to access and run the programs located in another computer.
The ONA Security Pack guarantees protection of the customer’s sensitive information. This system enables the creation of a machine administrator, the set-up of different access profiles, the limitation of file deletion or modification, the blocking of external accesses, and a log of power-on and working hours.

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