ONA AV130 makes big ideas come true

ONA not only manufactures a wide range of standard-size EDM machines, it also specialises in the design and manufacture of large models such as the AV130, which has a 10 tonne load capacity as standard (expandable to 25 tonne).

According toONA, the AV130 brings great ideas to life, transforming large-scale projects into simple solutions. Of particular note, the ONA AV130 automatically threads of all types of wires and offers a cutting capacity of up to 800 mm in height. The X-axis travel is 2000 mm, with 1000 or 1300 mm in the Y axis. U/V axis travel is 500 x 500 mm, while the maximum taper angle is 30°.

The company says that the AV130’s high cutting speeds equate to a 30% time saving, complemented by minimum maintenance costs and greater autonomy with wire coils weighting up to 45 kg.

ONA’s versatile modular design of its large wire EDM machines allows more than 20 combinations, providing the ability to work with the largest parts on the market. The machineprovidesusers with speed, autonomy, strength and precision, alongsidegreater execution power.

The company says there are many benefits associated with its AV technology. For instance, the numerical control, designed on the concept of usability, has a 23” touch interface, intuitive and visually friendly menus, applications represented by icons, andreal-time information forgreater control of the EDM process. Furthermore, the new interface displays the workpiece in 3D and allows the operator to rotate and move it according to requirements with a simple tap.
For further information www.onaedm.com