NTG invests in third Aberlink CMM

The mainstay of quality and inspection at Gateshead-based NTG Precision is its collection of Aberlink CMMs. Indeed, the requirement for the company’s inspection department to keep pace with increasing levels of production recently prompted the purchase of NTG’s third Aberlink CMM.

“Just as we pursue a policy of remaining loyal to suppliers who deliver premium-quality machine tools and first-class levels of service, we have remained loyal to Aberlink for the same reasons,” states NTG’s operations manager Mark Withycombe. “As well as accuracy, speed and ease-of-use, we have been very impressed with the machines’ reliability and the excellent levels of service the company provides.
“Although we were very happy with our previous two Aberlink CMMs, as other manufacturers’ machines may have improved, we looked at a couple of alternative CMMs,” he adds. “Satisfied that Aberlink’s Axiom Too best suited our needs, we were happy to remain loyal to the brand and place another order.”
Now installed and fully operational, just like NTG’s existing Aberlink CMMs, the new machine is able to get through large volumes of component measurement routines, and has removed the potential for delays in the inspection department.
“Given the nature of many of the industries we serve, such as oil and gas, subsea, power generation and automotive, the ability to offer the highest standard of component inspection is a prerequisite for gaining contracts. In addition to providing the required accuracy and speed, it helps that our three Aberlink CMMs are able to automatically generate the detailed inspection reports demanded by our customers.”
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