Next generation of digital microscopes

Vision Engineering unveiled the next generation of its Evo Cam digital microscope at the MACH exhibition in Birmingham last month. Suited to close inspection and the recording of high-resolution images, the latest Evo Cam II benefits from the addition of user-customisable overlays, on-board measurement and Wi-Fi image transfer – all supported by a 30:1 optical zoom and a maximum magnification in excess of 3600x.

Evo Cam II replaces the original Evo Cam, which is already used for the inspection of automotive and aerospace components, medical devices, precision engineering, plastic mouldings and more. High-definition images can be captured and stored directly to a USB memory stick. When connected to a PC, images and video can be easily captured, stored and shared. A Wi-Fi dongle even allows direct sharing with PCs, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.
Simple on-screen measurement can be performed with the aid of virtual callipers and scalable grids, while live images can also be compared to user customisable overlays, increasing efficiency of use.
A completely new graphical user interface and intuitive controls with 10 presets, allow for rapid swapping out of subjects under inspection, making Evo Cam II suitable for multiple users in high-speed production environments. A remote control option is available to maximise the ergonomic operation of the microscope when used over prolonged periods.
Evo Cam II features an LED ring light and sub-stage lighting for viewing translucent samples. High-contrast subjects, such as reflective metals used in automotive manufacturing, can be viewed in more detail using Evo Cam II’s Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode.
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