New tooling ranges arrive in UK

Rainford Precision is introducing two new brands to the UK: 6C Tools AG and BSQ Tech GmbH.

Unlike many other products on the market, micro-tools from 6C Tools are manufactured by laser ablation, a process that is particularly gentle for material removal compared with grinding or spark erosion. This method of manufacture avoids damage and significantly increases the wear resistance of 6C Tools, creating a potential 5-10 times tool life increase.

The 6C product catalogue covers several drilling, milling and threading tools, as well as tailored tools manufactured from PCD and PCBN. Designed specifically for machining challenging materials such as tungsten carbide and zirconium, the standard 6C portfolio introduces PCD drills, PCD end mills, PCD chamfer tools, PCD ball-nose mills and ball-nosed polishing tools, as well as a range of PCD thread mills.

The ability to machine such difficult materials with impressive tool life and productivity characteristics makes the 6C range suitable for manufacturers in the medical, electronics and jewellery industries, to name but a few.

For engineers looking to improve their productivity when machining aluminium, aluminium alloys, copper, brass, plastics, PEEK and all other non-ferrous metals, Rainford can now offer the SwissCeraMill series from BSQ Tech, which the company says can increase tool life from 5 to 25 times and improve productivity by 400% compared with conventional carbide cutting tools.

Manufactured from high-tech ceramic zirconium oxide with a micro-grain structure, SwissCeraMill end mills are available in square-end, corner-radius and ball-nose designations, along with special-purpose tools to suit the diverse needs of industry.

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