New technology from Hainbuch

Hainbuch (Hall 20, Stand 447) says that the new Hainbuch System delivers efficient and flexible work holding. The Hainbuch System allows manufacturers to clamp 1000 different workpieces without the need for a multitude of solutions. Engineers now only need one basic clamping device, a chuck or stationary chuck that remains on the machine tool. Whether it is OD, ID, prismatic components, jaw, magnetic or clamping between centres, the Hainbuch System can provide a solution.

The workpiece determines the adaptation required and converts the customer’s basic clamping device for the particular application. This solution reduces set-up times substantially while increasing flexibility and making it possible to squeeze in fast turnaround jobs, whether it is turning, milling or grinding. In essence, the Hainbuch System is a new series of mandrels and adaptors that encompasses the complete range of Hainbuch products.

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