New solution for multi-bladed products

Italy-based Pietro Rosa TBM, a specialist in LP and HP compressor blades, blisks and fan blades, has teamed up with machine-tool expert Starrag to develop a process for producing multi-bladed aerofoil components, complete with appropriate programs, fixturing and tooling (ceramic for roughing operations and solid carbide for finishing).

Each of the super alloy multi-bladed compressor components is machined into the required shape, carrying very tight tolerances throughout – including within 50 µm on the profile.
Pietro Rosa TBM’s most recent investment in Starrag machining centres, an LX 021, has been specifically designed for the machining of blades. Andrea Maurizio, chief of technology at Pietro Rosa TBM, says: “Importantly, the machine’s built-in adaptive milling routines provided by the RCS CAM software were vital, as were Starrag’s integrated production system principles. These include ERP-interfacing cell management software and process quality control that avoids collisions via 3D modelling.”
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