New range of cartridge rolls by Master

To complete its coated abrasive product line, Master Abrasives has introduced its own range of cartridge rolls under the MASTER brand.

Master cartridge rolls are available in aluminium-oxide and ceramic-oxide abrasive. Rolls are offered with either a straight or tapered side allowing access to angles and corners. The aluminium-oxide variety is now being stocked in a range of grits and sizes at Master Abrasives.
Andy Wright, national sales manager, says: “The nature of a cartridge roll makes it a long-lasting and excellent solution for deburring and metal removal applications. Each product is a length of abrasive cloth wound around a spindle for a multi-layer effect, exposing new abrasive cutting points throughout its operational life.
“The key advantage of cartridge rolls is their unique shape, which makes them ideal for application on contours and hard-to-reach areas on all ferrous materials,” he continues. “They can be used for numerous applications, including deburring, flash removal, edge breaking and removing machining marks.”
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