New radial bristle brushes

With an extremely limited number of other suppliers for radial bristle brushes on the market, Tyrolit is now the exclusive industrial distributor of Sunburst radial bristle brushes in Europe. Since joining in partnership with US-based Dedeco in 2021, Tyrolit has the sole rights to sell Sunburst products in the UK and Ireland, bringing competition into a previously exclusive market, while adding an extended range to Tyrolit’s surface conditioning portfolio.

As a manufacturer of specialty abrasives since 1937, Dedeco introduced the Sunburst range back in 2017; whereby there was only one other supplier for these products anywhere in the world. These thermoplastic abrasive bristle discs and brushes are suitable for deburring, cleaning, finishing and polishing. They provide an alternative to wire and nylon solutions, while improving performance in a safer, more efficient and flexible way. These products are available individually or in assortments of multiple shapes and sizes, with sizes ranging from 36 grit to 1 µm.

The flexible bristles conform to contours, cracks and corners, while working equally well on flat surfaces. With durability for long working life, the blended bristles guarantee extended wear and a consistent, smooth finish. Bristle Brushes are not only more efficient than wire brushes, they also work faster, easily achieving a constant, quality finish with lighter pressure. Through a cool-running feature, the brushes generate minimal heat, reducing potential damage or distortion to the work surface. Applications include the removal of weld burns, discolouration, corrosion, grinding marks, stains, adhesives, paint and other surface contaminants.
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