New Heckert T55 machining centre from Starrag

Starrag has announced the second – and larger capacity – member of its new Heckert range with the launch of the T55 five-axis horizontal machining centre for the multi-tasking and complete machining of workpieces weighing up to 700 kg.The machine can perform single set-up milling, turning, drilling, gear-cutting/skiving and pointing to accuracies down to 3 µmdue to the interaction between its temperature- and vibration-stable mineral cast machine bed and the double symmetrically-mounted rotary drive unit.

Drive elements such as planet carriers and wheel hub drives for commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and industrial applications are typical applications.With pallets of 500 x 630 mm and X, Y and Z-axis travels of 850, 1020 and 1000 mm respectively, the T55 is of compact, robust design and has a low-vibration rotary drive unit specially designed for turning operations – plus a dynamic main 72 kW spindle rated at 15,000 rpm and 292 Nm. Acceleration rates are up to 10 m/sec², while rapid traverse is 80 m/min. The NC rotating table carries a rating of 900 rpm and the HSK-T100 toolholder also encourages high chip removal rates.

Although the T55 can machine components with a workpiece contour of 900 mm, chip-to-chip time is only 4.3 seconds and pallet change time is 14.5 seconds. Like its smaller stablemate (the T45), the new T55 is ergonomic, and easy and reliable to operate, while workpiece loading is easily automated by pallet storage units or robots.

Indeed, the success of a two-T45 machine cell with robot load/unload saw a drive manufacturer double productivity, halve overall machine footprint and reduce tool and handling costs by 40%. The T55 could easily mirror this performance on larger workpieces.
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