New entry-level five-axis machining centre

At the recent DMG Mori open house held at the machine tool manufacturer’s Pfronten factory in Germany, a new five-axis machining centre was launched aimed at the entry-level market. Less than 2 m wide, the compact, competitively priced DMU 40 is capable of fully interpolative five-axis machining to within microns inside a 550 x 450 x 420 mm working volume.

Of trunnion-mounted rotary table design, the machine is based on the DMU 50 3rd Generation, of which more than 10,000 have been sold worldwide.The one-piece machine bed is made from grey cast iron, while the optimised geometry of the Y- and Z-axis slideways and the inline spindle with hydraulic clamping further ensure high rigidity. In addition, direct-drive ballscrews in the X and Y axes improve surface quality. For machining flexibility, the swivel range of the B axis extends from -35° to 110°.

The ergonomic design of the DMU 40 offers optimal accessibility to the work area. Table loading height is 800 mm and the distance from the operator to the table centre is short, while it is also possible to load components by crane. A large window and improved lighting provide good visibility. Optionally, the tool magazine may be loaded from the front.

There are three machine options with different equipment packages to meet individual requirements. The standard DMU 40 has a 12,000 rpm spindle and 24-position tool magazine, while the DMU 40 PLUS features a 15,000 rpm spindle and a tool magazine with 30 pockets, linear scales and passive cooling of all main components. Finally, the DMU 40 PRO is the most accurate and productive model, with active cooling and a 20,000 rpm spindle.
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