Neoprec now supplying CMZ

Neoprec, the new 8000 sq m machining plant of Spain-based lathe-building specialist CMZ, is taking its first steps. After the completion a few months ago of construction works and assembly of the machinery necessary to start running, Neoprec has started to supply the production line for CMZ’s digital-control lathes. The aim now is to reach a cruising speed, so that in five years’ time the company will reach its target of delivering over 800 lathes a year.

The plant has an automated warehouse capable of handling 1752 pallets, while the metrology room has temperature control to within 0.1°C and features a trio of 3D measuring machines. Once the Neoprec plant is fully equipped it will be capable of running for 48 hours without human intervention.

Neoprec starting its operation is one more step in the strategic plan that aims to double CMZ’s current manufacturing capacity in the coming five years. The arrival of new machines is imminent: bit by bit the plant is receiving all of the machinery it needs to carry out its activity at full throttle.

Construction of the Neoprec facility entailed an investment of €17m. CMZ strives for continuous growth aimed at increasing the company’s production capacities. The first estimates already suggest that the target of 800 machines delivered annually will be reached within its desired timeframe.

Word about the new plant is spreading fast. Students taking a higher diploma in industrial mechatronics and mechanical manufacturing production programming visited Neoprec recently and had the opportunity to look around the recently opened facility.

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