Multi-roll leveller used on tinning line

A Redex Tension multi-roll leveller has been used on a tinning line (electrolytic tin plate – ETP) for the first time in China, a move that will help Baosteel (Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd) to expand its share of the export market.

The Redex PMR 1300 Tension eliminates the flatness defects of strip steel and improves its shape. It can apply force on both tensile and bending deformation of the strip at the same time to achieve precise elongation control. Thus, all fibres in the strip are stretched to the same length to obtain high flatness and effectively eliminate internal stress.
Since the tinning lines are required to run around the clock, the time for equipment delivery, installation and commissioning had to be minimised. However, it took only eight days to complete the entire process, nearly half a month ahead of schedule. It was the first time that Redex had worked with Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a Japanese-funded company, to complete the modification of Baosteel 1420 cold rolling No. 2 tin-plating units, and ultimately realise full automation of the operation.
With growing domestic demand for high-end packaging from the food, beverage, medical and chemical industries, the tin-plating production line is expected to gradually take the place of traditional aluminium lines. When the time comes, suppliers able to offer advanced tin-plating units and supporting equipment, such as the Redex Tension multi-roll leveller, will be one step ahead in the international market, and in a position to pursue further growth.
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