MTI celebrates 15 years of innovation

In 2003 MTI launched a print magazine abound with game-changing innovations for the pre-owned machine tool market.

In a sector previously restricted to black and white classified listings, MTI magazine brought glossy photographs and easy-to-use colour categories to the market. In the subsequent 15 years, the innovations did not stop, with the launch of a global exhibition strategy designed to help customers in the UK, Europe and USA promote their machines and services in emerging markets. This initiative continues today, with some 19 exhibitions planned for 2019.
MTI has also launched two highly successful websites, and, one bringing the latest industry news and technological innovations
to the global engineering community, and the other hosting around 12,000 new and used machines on a 24-7 basis.
Bob Sadat, the company’s founder, CEO and publisher, says: “At MTI we have invested heavily over the past 15 years to provide the industry’s best and most comprehensive vehicle for buying and selling machine tools, manufacturing technologies and related services. Moving forward, we will continue investing in our products to ensure quality for our customers.”
Ton Matena, president of the EAMTM, adds: “MTI has been a member of the EAMTM since its inception in 2003, a fact that reflects a determination to offer quality as all our members have to abide by a strict code of ethics. Here at the EAMTM we would like to congratulate MTI on reaching this milestone during a trading period widely regarded as being one of the most challenging on record.”
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