Moving up the gears

The definition of quality has been described as an ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating and fulfilling stated and/or implied needs.

Never has this definition been more appropriate than when applied to Aldershot-based FT Gearing Systems Ltd. In addition to establishing long-term relationships with its customers, this manufacturer of gear technology and high-precision components also enjoys enduring associations with a small number of carefully chosen machine-tool suppliers. At the top of the list is Studer, and the company’s UK agent, Advanced Grinding Supplies.
Continuous expansion at FT Gearing in recent years has led to regular investment in the Swiss-built machines, resulting in the company now operating 16 Studer CNC grinders – the largest collection owned by a single UK company.
Explaining the company’s loyalty to the Studer brand, managing director Graham Fitzgerald says: “Studer machines are able to consistently deliver levels of accuracy and repeatability that conventional grinding machines are unable to achieve. For instance, through the use of Studer technology we are able to accomplish sub-micron cylindricity results on 35mm diameter gear journals. We can also achieve surface finish of 0.08 µm and gear flatness to three light bands. To enable grinding to sub-micron tolerances, we recently installed our Studer CNC machines in a new temperature-controlled facility.
“To guarantee the highest possible levels of quality and productivity, we also use the best available grinding consumables and accessories,” he adds. “Therefore, as well as purchasing our Studer grinders from Advanced Grinding Supplies, we also rely on the company for items such as diamond dressing tools, precision centres, abrasives/grinding wheels, coolant filter media and air filtration systems.”
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