More automation in Tebis V4 R8

Tebis Version 4.0 has been introduced. The latest release offers many newly developed and enhanced functions, including indexed collision avoidance, an extended aggregate library, a simplified feature scanner, advanced five-axis simultaneous milling, more convenient machine simulation and more.

With regard to CAM automation, a better overview and clear operating structures are evident in the revised feature scanner. Features that are already connected to the component that were imported via data interfaces, or from part scanning at an earlier time – are now accounted for during scanning and do not have to be inserted again.
Tebis’ new ‘Auto’ function is also convenient: the component is completely scanned with no interruptions, and clearly evident features are automatically inserted. If several different features are required as part of a machining operation, users can jump to the appropriate areas after scanning and select the desired feature.
Concerning data processing, profile contours for turning can now be derived with absolute precision from the 3D component contour using the revised ‘Profile’ function. Circles are also mapped one-to-one. The subsequent blanks are more precise with no need for any design preparation of the profile contour.
Of particular note, machining time is said to be significantly reduced in the CAM suite’s milling function. Machine spindles are subject to lower loads due to machining in the axial direction, while side milling and downward machining can be easily combined, so users can fully benefit from the advantages of both strategies.
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