ModuleWorks unveils 2021.04

ModuleWorks has unveiled its 2021.04 CADCAM software components. This is the first major release of 2021 and is available now for download from the ModuleWorks website.

Release 2021.04 contains new and enhanced features across the entire product range.

For instance, users can now define a fixed contact point on the tool that enables the cone and cylinder to be used for deburring. This capability makes deburring an attractive option for chamfering because the cone and cylinder leave no imprint of the tool’s profile. To ensure a uniform chamfer, the tool is not tilted. Instead, to avoid collisions, the tool path is automatically trimmed in the affected areas.

The new 2D roughing algorithms prevent corner roll, which preserves sharp corners and providers greater control over the tool path when machining prismatic shapes. Notably, the ModuleWorks tool-path algorithms offer lower feed rates for machining corners. Decelerating the tool when machining sharp corners enhances surface quality and helps low-end CNCs to handle high-performance tool paths.

ModuleWorks’ collision checker algorithm now returns the approximate point of contact between two objects. This function enables OEMs to offer an enhanced user experience in their simulations, for example by drawing a sphere or other shape to graphically indicate the approximate area of the collision.

Last but not least, the ModuleWorks ‘Machine Builder’ now supports the ‘Smart Measure’ module for measuring distances between any on-screen geometry. Smart Measure automatically recognises different geometric features and their inherent dimensions, making it easier to create machine models.

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