Mitutoyo aids Cox Powertrain’s quality function

Shoreham-on-sea based Cox Powertrain has recently developed the world’s first 300 hp marine diesel outboard engine – the CXO300. Due to launch in 2018, the inspiration behind the engine was the defence industry’s drive to adopt diesel as a preferred fuel and thus reduce, or indeed end, its use of petrol.

In addition to dimensional checks, given the potential for the generation of friction and wear in moving parts, particular attention is paid to the components’ critical surface roughness parameters. Duncan Green, head of procurement, explains more: “As the surface finish characteristics of the CXO300’s parts have a massive influence on their performance, we recently searched for a surface roughness tester that was able to deliver precise results in the many surface roughness parameters that we use. After considering several alternatives, we found the answer to our needs in the Surftest SJ-500 from Mitutoyo. The instrument has proven invaluable in upholding the quality of our manufactured components throughout our engine development period and will also be kept busy coping with anticipated production volumes.”
Ken Edwards, chief inspector, adds: “As its menu-driven system is so easy to use, I was able to use all of the SJ-500 facilities immediately after its installation. It also helps that the unit has a high-resolution colour display with touch-screen operation, while the instrument’s automatic calibration function gives me confidence in the precision of the reading that I achieve. In addition to working in all of the surface roughness parameters that we use, it’s great that the unit’s detector system can be mounted laterally for transverse measurements.”
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