Mil-Tu-Fit installs DMG Mori CLX450

From its Bristol factory, Mil-Tu-Fit Engineering has been manufacturing precision components for the electronics, oil and gas, defence, construction and medical industries for over 40 years. The company’s machined products are generally under 125 mm diameter with low batch quantities from just one or two parts up to around 100. Commonly machined materials include 303 grade stainless steel and plastics.

“Some of our existing machinery was reaching the end of its useful life and we needed to replace it, and at the same time upgrade our manufacturing capabilities,” says production manager Paul Beattie.
Mil-Tu-Fit evaluated a range of options. The main criteria were a 4th axis, driven tools, the spindle diameter, the number of tool stations in the turret, accuracy and ease of programming.
“Simplicity of programming on the machine was a major consideration as, with small quantities, we need to be able to complete this task quickly and be sure it is right first time,” says Beattie. “I am familiar with the Siemens control on the DMG Mori CLX 450 and had absolute confidence in the system. Programming the Y axis and driven tools can be done easily, while the verification and graphics check ensure a reliable milling and turning toolpath.
“Previously, we would often have to carry out turning and milling operations on multiple machines,” he adds. “We can now combine the operations on the CLX 450, with many parts coming off the machine completed in one hit. As well as manufacturing parts around 20% quicker, we save on handling, we only have to set one machine, and fixtures for different operations have been largely eliminated.”
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