Mikron machines help win back work

Portsmouth-based Di-Spark, a precision manufacturing subcontractor has built on its ethos of continuous investment in the latest technology by installing two Mikron HPM 450U machining centres from GFMS.

Says managing director David Light: “If you’re not constantly moving forwards, the chances are that you’re going backwards. The manufacturing environment is dynamic; it is constantly evolving and changing. In my experience, companies that are unable or are unwilling to change have limited prospects. Fortunately we are not in that position.
“We operate 24/7 and do everything in our power to improve productivity and eliminate inefficiencies,” he continues. “The HPM 450U five-axis machines help us achieve both. The machines
give us proven, simultaneous five-axis machining performance and, with their integrated automatic pallet changers and generously sized automatic tool changers, enable us to run unmanned. These advantages, coupled with the machines’ ability to reduce set-up times and produce complex parts in ‘one hit’, further increase our productivity and flexibility.”
Di-Spark’s investment in the new Mikron HPM 450U machines reflects an increasing demand among customers for the company’s high-level milling capabilities.
“Our machine tool investment strategy based on acquiring new, state-of-the-art technology instead of merely replacing existing machines with like-for-like technology, continues to pay dividends,” says Light. “This year, for example, we were able to win back pre-production and production work from an aerospace customer who had initially placed a machining contract in India, only to find that they were soon experiencing quality and lead time issues.
“Having sophisticated five-axis machine tool capacity at our disposal enabled us to win back this work and provide a world-class machining solution for
the customer.”
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