Mikron machine acquired by Renault F1

Oxfordshire-based Renault Sport Formula One Team has taken delivery of a Mikron HPM 800U five-axis machining centre from GF Machining Solutions.

Since installation, the HPM 800U has been put to work machining a diverse range of parts, including a number of gearbox inserts made from titanium. Apart from some wire EDM profiling operations, which take up to 12 hours to complete, the inserts are five-axis machined entirely on the HPM 800U. Material removal rates are high (over 85% of the titanium is removed during roughing and finishing operations), and the inserts are machined to a high accuracy and require an excellent surface finish.
“Despite such demands, our HPM 800U machines have not been found wanting and are among the most accurate, dynamic and reliable machining centres we have in our facility,” says machine shop manager Raphael Willie.
“A few years ago we made a strategic decision to increase our five-axis milling capabilities and selected GF Machining Solutions as the technical partner to help us achieve our objectives,” he adds. “The partnership means that we are able to acquire the latest Mikron five-axis machines at highly competitive rates, and have direct access to GF Machining Solutions’ technical and applications expertise.
“As a consequence we are able to fully embrace the concept of one-hit and simultaneous five-axis machining, and to experience productivity gains, improved machine tool utilisation, increased component accuracies, and reduced set-up and part cycle times.”
For further information www.gfms.com/uk