Mid-range press brake with ATC

With over 300 ATC (Automatic Tool Change) press brakes installed throughout Europe and more than 1000 globally, Amada is bringing the company’s proprietary ATC technology to its mid-range line-up for the first time. Previously only available on high-end press brakes such as the Amada HG-ATC and its predecessor the HD-ATC, the new Amada HRB-ATC mid-range model responds directly to market demand for a solution of this type using original Amada tooling.

The HRB-ATC features a full size ATC, offering exactly the same number of tool storage racks as the company’s high-end HG-ATC press brake. Furthermore, the machine comes with a package of Amada tools based on an assessment of the customer’s manufacturing requirements. Importantly, the HRB-ATC is completely compatible with Amada AFH/Promecam standard tool sets. As a result, any existing customer using these tools can load them manually to the new machine if desired.

A CNC press brake with ATC capability brings many advantages to companies that want to increase the amount of time their press brake is engaged in actual bending activities. The ATC can reduce set-up times by up to 80% in comparison with an operator loading a tool manually, which is a clear benefit for subcontractors or companies that undertake several tool layout changes a day.

With its ATC and rapid set-up potential, the new press brake is suitable for those processing small batch sizes. Subcontract fabricators serving markets such as refrigeration, kitchen equipment, retail display, furniture and construction, for instance, will benefit.

The machine is initially available as a 100 tonne/3 m model, with a 220 tonne/4 m model planned for release later this year.

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