Microscope offers adaptive multi-lighting

The new Keyence VHX-6000 series digital microscope integrates next-generation adaptive multi-lighting, advanced auto-focussing and high-definition imaging in an all-in-one system. Keyence’s VHX-6000 features the company’s VH-ZST lens with its 20x to 2000x magnification range.

With no need for time-consuming object repositioning, the direction and level of light is optimised as users simply move a digital flashlight icon around the screen for optimum illumination. All the data can be saved with the image; this function can even be applied after the image has been captured and saved to any compatible PC running VHX-6000 software. As a result, users have the ability to re-interpret images at any time, and importantly, at any location.
Adaptive multi-lighting is complemented by the VHX-6000´s real time depth composition technology, which harnesses the microscope´s high frame rate camera and graphics engine to scan through the focal range of a sample and build a fully-focused image in seconds. This one-touch process is easily repeated over the complete sample area utilising the motorised stage. Furthermore, a simultaneous 3D image may also be captured, allowing even greater inspection flexibility. These two major features combine with HDR (high dynamic range) imaging to provide optimally illuminated high-definition images with far more visual information than convention focussing systems, says Keyence.
Large area image observation at high magnification is now made possible with an image stitching algorithm that can synchronise positional information from the motorised XY stage to automatically move and stitch together adjacent images measuring up to 20,000 × 20,000 pixels.
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