Microconic collets available from Floyd Automatic

Designed for the clamping of micro-workpieces in the sub-spindles of sliding-head turning machines, Floyd Automatic Tooling, in association with Masa Tool of the USA, has released the Microconic system into the UK marketplace. The Microconicworkholding system consists of a cartridge and precision collet. Importantly, no machine adaptations are required: the collet fits inside the cartridge and is adjusted before being fitted directly into the existing collet sleeve.
With a concentricity level of between 3 to 5 µm, Microconic is suitable for sliding-head lathe marques including Tornos, Citizen and Star. It is currently available for F20 and F25 style collets, with F37 versions in development. A 5C version can also be offered.
The cartridge system incorporates a solid extended nose and has the facility for micron-adjustment of the collet closure. To confirm precision levels, the hardened and ground cartridges can be used as gauges to verify spindle accuracy.
Masa’s Microconic also includes ‘over-grip’ collets where clamping behind a shoulder is necessary, for example. The cartridge/collet combination can accommodate openings more than 4 mm larger than the clamping diameter (depending on the application). This flexibility offers production engineers the potential to machine the part the other way around, which can sometimes help improve cycle times.
Microconic collets are available in 0.05 mm increments from 0.22 to 10 mm diameter. Each collet has a nominal clamping range from 0.05 to 0.1 mm depending upon the chosen collet diameter. With regard to the over-grip collets, the nominal clamping diameter starts at 0.5 mm with a maximum clamping diameter of 7.2 mm.
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