Metal stockholder increases bandsawing capacity

At the Newcastle-under-Lyme facility of special metals stockholder, Langley Alloys, two German-built KastoTec AC4 bandsaws specified for cutting with tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blades have replaced four out of six machines from a different supplier that are effective only when bi-metal blades are used.

07/06/17 Stock on Trent – Langley Alloys

As the down-feed on both KastoTec machines is three times faster, overall cutting capacity across the six machines has increased by one-third, while the floor area occupied has decreased by a similar amount. This is precisely what Langley Alloys needed, as orders have increased sharply since the start of 2017 but there was no room on-site for more bandsaws. As an added benefit, the extra space created has allowed the stockholder to increase the range of materials and sizes that it holds to well over 1000 line items.
Business development director Rodney Rice says: “Responsiveness to customer demand is crucial. The installation of the Kasto bandsaws means that we are able to stock a broader range of materials that closely match user requirements and cut them quickly for supply in short lead-times.”
Operations director Richard Bulmer adds: “Cutting with TCT blades was key to making this a reality. We tried using them on our older bandsaws but they were not rigid enough to cope. The band would squeal through the guides and excessive vibration wore the teeth out quickly. We were only able to cut 2 sq m of nickel alloy with a carbide blade, which was about the same as with a bimetal blade, but at three times the consumable cost.”
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