Medical firm opts for Mitsubishi

Although Friedrich Daniels Medical GmbH only opened for business in Aldingen, Germany in spring 2019, more than 20 machines are already in operation, including those for turning, milling, drilling, grinding and EDM. The company’s founders, Robert Keller and Andreas Wenzler, see themselves well equipped to act as full-range suppliers of medical instruments.

The company focuses mainly on instruments for surgical procedures and orthopaedic treatment of the spine. As a specialist in machining and, specifically, in EDM processes, Keller uses his knowledge to ensure that the company can also cost-effectively manufacture difficult components for medical instruments, at high rates of productivity.
Keller regards the wire EDM production process as one of the business’s essential core competences: “EDM is the only way to produce the intricate and sometimes complex contours required, especially for components used in medical instruments and accessories. This also applies particularly to the corrosion-resistant and high-tensile steel alloys used in medical technology.”
At Friedrich Daniels Medical GmbH, Keller was the driving force behind the acquisition of a Mitsubishi Electric MV1200S NewGen wire EDM with D-Cubes CNC control. The programmers and machine operators took only a short time to familiarise themselves with the technology, reports Keller. Notably, the app-like operating and programming interface on the touchscreen is much appreciated, particularly by younger professionals who are already familiar with this operating philosophy from their smartphones and tablet PCs.
“However, it is also possible to select the user interface of the previous Advance Plus control system, which allows the MV1200S NewGen to operate very flexibly,” says Keller. “The fourth, rotary axis also contributes to flexible use, enabling the machine to fully produce all conceivable geometrical details on a workpiece in several planes.”
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