MEBAe-cut bandsaws released in UK

ADS Precision, in partnership with German saw manufacturer MEBA Sawing Solutions, is releasing the MEBAe-cut CNC production bandsaw into the UK market. Powered entirely by electrical drives – making them cheaper to run that a small maintenance saw and devoid of leaking hydraulics – twin-column machines are available in three capacities of 400, 500 and 600 mm, prompting the model designations MEBAe-cut 400, MEBAe-cut 500 and MEBAe-cut 600. Said to be the quietest and cleanest machines on the market, the MEBAe-cut series is aimed at medical, test house, aerospace, automotive and high-precision workshops.

All the drives on MEBAe-cut models are powered by soft-start motors, eliminating voltage spikes. Electrical axles are moved with precision, resulting in efficient power consumption and increased blade life. Indeed, electric-drive systems have a significantly lower power demand when compared with a hydraulic-based system. For example, take material clamping: hydraulic clamping requires permanent pressure that consumes energy during a cutting cycle. In contrast, electric clamps only require energy for the vice movement (clamping and releasing), not during the cutting cycle.
MEBAe-cut machines are equipped with a newly developed electric material clamp. The material is clamped in the main and in-feed vice by a servo-controlled spindle drive. Here, the clamping pressure can be adjusted individually for each application and be preselected via the machine control. As a result, thin-walled tubes can be clamped safely.
The saw feed works via a servo-controlled lead ballscrew spindle with automatically controlled cutting pressure and feed control. A two-handed operating system for rapid vertical movement is included as part of the control.
Although standard models are semi-automatic, MEBAe-cut is also available as a 90° fully-automatic machine, designated by an ‘A’ suffix. Automatic machines feature an ergonomic panel based on Windows CE system software and a 50-program memory.
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