Mazak releases new CNC machining centres

Now available from Mazak is the company’s new HCN-4000 NEO and HCN-5000 NEO horizontal machining centres and its VariAxis i-700 NEO five-axis vertical machining centre. The new NEO models achieve enhanced precision, boasting three times better than ISO positioning accuracy. Additionally, continuous machining accuracy sees stabilisation thanks to the new ‘Ai Thermal Shield’ function, which uses advanced algorithms to determine compensation according to fluctuating temperature. The result?Improved concentricity for machining operations such as end-to-end boring.

As part of Mazak’s Go Green environmental initiative to achieve a 50% reduction in its carbon footprint by 2030, the new NEO series represents the most environmentally friendly to date. Mazak has committed to making all machines manufactured in 2030 at least four times more efficient than machines manufactured in 2010. To create a more sustainable future and reduce consumption costs for manufacturers, the latest NEO series incorporates a raft of technology enhancements to deliver a 30% reduction in energy consumption for the VariAxis i-700 NEO and 24% for the HCN-4000/5000 NEO.

Environmental performance sees further gains via the Energy Saver Dashboard, with a graphic display of power and CO2 consumption for users to identify trends via a visual indicator.In addition, a Mazak Smooth Coolant system automatically optimises coolant volume discharge to drive additional energy savings. The Smooth Coolant system also incorporates a sludge removal performance system that keeps the coolant sump clean and prolongs the service life of cutting fluids.

If required, Mazak can pair the machines with an integrated high-rise PalleTech system featuring the latest PMC NEO software. With a new graphical user interface offering tutorial-style data entry and interactive set-up guidance, PMC NEO includes advanced system monitoring, resource management and ERP integration capability.
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