Marposs partners with DP

Marposs has struck a partnership with DP Technology, the author of Esprit CAM software. According to Marposs, Esprit software represents one of the easiest ways to add probing cycles to existing cutting programs. Through Esprit, Marposs will provide customers with a turnkey solution for creating everything from simple bore measurements to complex measuring cycles.

Probing cycles from Marposs will be available in Esprit software so that measuring a component on a five-axis or multi-tasking machine will become simple.
The digital twin supplied by Esprit software, thanks to the availability of machine kinematics, and workpiece and 3D probe files, will permit users to not only program a measuring cycle but to add and simulate all the movements required to reach the part in its position. The goal is providing the customers of Marposs and DP with a new and easy way to measure simple and complex parts on every type of machine tool, always deploying the best probing solution, and being able to program and simulate additional inspection cycles in the blink of an eye.
Probing is an established best practice for maximising the efficiency, quality, capability and accuracy of machine tools. Touch probes on CNC machining centres and lathes can be used to identify and set-up parts, measure features in-cycle for adaptive machining, and verify finished component dimensions.
”Most of our customers, especially those working in the mould and die, aerospace and 3C sectors, often seek cycle
time reductions without compromising quality,” says Roberto Bruni, sales and marketing manager. “Here, the type and number of touch points become the solution, and Esprit will help to speed up this research. For this reason, we believe Esprit with Marposs probes will provide the perfect solution.”
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