Makino unveils UPX600 high-precision wire EDM

At JIMTOF 2022 in November, Makino gave the public its first view of the company’s new UPX600 wire EDM for high-precision applications such as press dies,precision electronic parts and motor components. Features include a new machining power supply (EW200B), independent upper and lower machine drive control, and constant temperature control technology. The machine also contributes to the reduction of running costs by reducing the number of processing steps.

With the new EW200B machining power supply and machining conditions, it is possible to improve the optimum surface roughness, reduce the number of machining passes, and shorten the machining time by outputting electric discharge finely and efficiently during finish-machining.

Responsiveness is also a key feature of the machine thanks to a structure that allows independent movement of the upper head (Z/U/V axes) and lower head (X/Y axes).

By improving insulation, the rise time to the target voltage is shortened, enabling efficient micro-fabrication. Moreover, the three-sided elevating processing tank means operators can access the work area from three directions. As the machining tank descends below the top surface of the table, it is possible to work on the lower part of the workpiece. Even if the core is accidentally dropped, it can be easily retrieved.

The machine’s Hyper-i control offers intuitive operations with an efficient interface consisting of three categories: program, set-up and operation. The high-resolution 24-inch touchscreen feels like a tablet device.

Among the machine’s main specifications are: 650 x 500 x 320 mm travel in the X, Y and Z axes; ±350 x ±250 mm in the U and V axes; a maximum workpiece size of 1030 x 800 × 300 mm (width x depth x height); and a maximum payload of 1800 kg.
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