Making real-time factory analytics a reality

Datanomix, which says it is the maker of the industry’s only automated production intelligence software platform, is partnering with Vallen to offer the Datanomix software solution to its manufacturing customers. Datanomix is known for its ‘no operator input’ approach to production monitoring. The partnership enables Vallen to offer the Datanomix solution to industrial customers seeking improvements as part of Industry 4.0 and industrial automation initiatives.

Says John Joseph, CEO of Datanomix. “It’s clear that selling new technology to manufacturing customers requires a deep and successful history of selling value-added solutions. Vallen is a respected brand in the industrial market. They can now have conversations about adding a new layer of value by introducing our live production intelligence software to the portfolio of solutions.”

As part of the reseller program, Datanomix will train Vallen’s metalworking customer-facing team on selling, installing and supporting its customers, with comprehensive information on the Datanomix platform and its benefits for precision manufacturers.

“Several machine monitoring companies are selling basic utilisation services to manufacturers today,” says Chuck Delph, CEO of Vallen.“We carefully evaluated the contenders and selected Datanomix for its true real-time job insights and ability to translate job performance to business impact. This aligns with Vallen’s mission of creating value for our customers.

He adds: “The information presented by Datanomix accelerates time to information, shortens corrective action cycles and directly impacts decision-making at exactly the right time. As Vallen focuses on innovation and our leadership position in metalworking solutions, we are truly excited to be offering Datanomix to our customers.”
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