Machining centres for graphite parts

The high-speed Mikron Mill S 400/500 Graphite and Mikron HSM 500 Graphite have been released by GF Machining Solutions.

As the name suggests, the machines have been designed to produce workpieces made from graphite. Graphite glass moulds for glass products are increasingly used in the ICT sector, while graphite electrodes are proven in the automotive, electronics, aerospace and packaging industries.
GF Machining Solutions’ Mikron Mill S 400/500 Graphite is aimed specifically at graphite mould tools. As ambient temperatures fluctuate in machine shops and machining speeds change, process stability is maintained thanks to the machine’s intelligent thermal management system and thermo-stable machine body. Precision and stability at the tool tip are said to be assured by the Step-Tec HVC140 spindle, with speeds ranging up to 42,000 rpm and 13.5 kW of power. As well as providing a solution for graphite, the machine can also handle a range of other materials, thus increasing its versatility and appeal.
Conversely, the Mikron HSM 500 Graphite is suitable for the dry machining of graphite. The machine’s Step-Tec HVC140 spindle (42,000 rpm) and integrated dust extraction system ensure fast production and process optimisation and, when integrated with a System 3R WorkPartner (WPT1+) part-changing robot, productivity increases yet further.
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