Maas makes gains with Schunk solutions

Schunk says its workholding solutions have been a major facilitator in gains witnessed at Rockenhausen, Germany-based precision subcontractor Maas Frästechnik. Here, the equipping of three five-axis machines with Schunk’s Vero-S quick-change clamping modules has proved highly advantageous.

DMU 50 ecoline, Hermle C30U and Hermle C42U machining centres are now equipped with the Schunk quick-change technology and supplemented with an extensive clamping device pool, meaning the majority of all conceivable customer requests can be accommodated.

“We have components the size of a little finger and others that require a 500 mm base plate,” says company owner Stefan Maas. “This means we are required to map all possibilities in quick succession and must often put out fires for our customers.”

The key element of the clamping solutions are Schunk Vero-S NSE plus 138 quick-change modules, which are mounted to all three machine tables. Various clamping devices can be switched between the individual machines with just a few actions.

“I don’t need to tighten any screws, or look for any washers or keys,” says Maas. “All clamping devices are precisely and firmly connected to the machine. The clamping result is always identical, without anything having to be aligned. And the flexibility is simply sensational.”

Radially arranged clamping slides retract and self-lock the clamping pin with the Vero-S via a spring assembly that uses form-fit clamping. Clamping and positioning is carried out via a short taper, which ensures a repeat accuracy of <0.005 mm. Due to the patented dual stroke system, each module achieves pull-down forces of 7500 N. With activated turbo-function, the pull-down force is 25,000 N, while the retention force is 50,000 N. For further information