Lubricant partnership

DMG Mori AG and Fuchs Petrolub SE have signed a collaboration agreement in which the pair intend to set standards with innovative product developments for machining lubricants. The goal of the technology partnership is to jointly develop new lubricant solutions and services for machine tool applications.

The plan also includes further progress in digitisation of production processes and condition monitoring of machines and plants. Today, a modern cutting fluid is subjected to a variety of demands. Cutting fluids for metalworking processes must be effective, economical and free from ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. In process chains downstream of metalworking, customised cleaning agent solutions and process-compatible and reliable corrosion preventatives play a decisive role when it comes to production reliability and product quality. That is why optimally matched lubricant concepts are important – because all process steps must be taken into account. With its range of lubricants and application experience, Fuchs says that its cutting fluids are durable and economical in consumption.
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