Lots to see from XYZ at MACH

On stand 130 in hall 18, XYZ Machine Tools will use MACH 2022 (4-8 April, Birmingham NEC) to shine the spotlight on its new XYZ SS 65 sub-spindle lathe, a first for the company and one it says is generating lots of interest due to its capability and competitive pricing.

Introduced due to demand from customers seeking increased productivity and reduced spindle downtime, the XYZ SS 65 features a 16.5 kW, 4000 rpm main spindle with 65 mm bar capacity and a 200 mm diameter chuck as standard, as well as an 11 kW, 5000 rpm sub-spindle with 52 mm bore and 150 mm chuck.

The German-built Sauter 12-position turret has live tooling at every station, with 100 mm (±50 mm) Y-axis travel. The C axis on both spindle facilitates contouring, with each featuring a brake to allow substantial milling cuts. Maximum turned diameter is 380 mm and the Z-axis travel is 520 mm, while control is via the Siemens 828D ShopTurn with 15-inch touchscreen.

Also making its MACH debut will be the XYZ ProTurn RLX 780 lathe. Although not new to the range, the sheer scale of this machine has precluded it from appearing previously. Weighing in at 8600 kg, the machine features a swing over the bed of 780 mm (1090 mm in the gap) and a distance between centres of 3000 mm.

A 32 kW motor powers the spindle with the gearbox providing two speed ranges from 20 to 1300 rpm. Control is from the latest RLX ProtoTRAK system with touchscreen interface. Software features include gesture control; constant surface speed; electronic hand wheels to generate tapers, radii and fillets manually; enhanced ProtoTRAK assistant for on-board help at the touch of the screen; and the TRAKing feature.

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