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GF Machining Solutions has recently supplied two high-performance Mikron machining centres with Heidenhain controls to Mechlam Precision Tooling, a precision mould tool, fixturing and subcontract manufacturing specialist based in Haydock.

The new MILL E 700U simultaneous five-axis machine, equipped with an integrated seven-station APC, and the new, large-capacity VCE 1200 Pro three-axis machining centre are major additions to Mechlam’s 8000 sq ft facility.

The machines are now being put through their paces producing a range of complex, high-precision parts that include intricate components for mould tools. Materials machined include aluminium alloys, tool steels, stainless steels, Inconel and plastics.

A hallmark of Mechlam, and one that helps explain the company’s continuing success and the strong position it occupies, is the quality of the parts it is able to machine: exacting tolerances of ±5 µm and surface finishes down to Ra 0.2 µm are the rule not the exception.

Explains Martin Atherton, Mechlam Precision Tooling’s owner and director: “We’ve always invested in GF Machining Solutions’ technology. The machines are reliable, represent great value and deliver the accuracy, repeatability and surface finish we require, and our customers demand.

“The MILL E 700U gives us simultaneous five-axis machining capabilities which enables us to machine complex and intricate features and details on mould tool parts and precision components that cannot be achieved, quickly or easily, using 3+2 operations,” he adds.
“Furthermore, because we can machine parts to completion in a single set up on the MILL E 700U, processing times are reduced, production bottlenecks are avoided, accuracy is maintained and customer lead times are more easily met.”

The productivity and efficiency gains delivered by the MILL E 700U have been amplified with the integration of the workpiece pallet changer.
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