Latest MACC bandsaw installation

Anton Saws has announced the latest MACC bandsaw installation. Built in Italy, MACC bandsaws can be acquired in the UK via Anton Saws, which reports the sale of a MACC Special 700 bandsaw featuring auto-carriage feed and large bundle-cutting capacity.

The MACC Special 700 is described by Anton Saws as a highly efficient semi-automatic belt saw with excellent cutting accuracy that can be used to cut medium/large bars and sections. Featuring a sturdy structure and an arc sliding vertically on two columns, the machine offers the required stiffness and cutting unit accuracy for many industrial sawing applications.

Among the many notable features of the machine are 4 kW motor power and a 1.5 kW control unit motor. The flywheel measures 520 mm in diameter, while the machine accommodates blades measuring 5540 x 41 x 1.3 mm (length x width x thickness) to produce a 1.5 mm cutting thickness. Cutting speeds are in the range of 20-90 m/min.

The piston stroke for the lifting bow is 600 mm, while the locking vice offers a maximum opening range up to 710 mm (302 mm jaw height, 690 mm jaw length). Integral to the machine is a 50-litre coolant tank. The saw is compact in size, measuring 1500 x 3500 x 2400 mm (width x length x height).

Optional extras include a chip conveyor, micro lubrication oil and vertical pressing.
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